Overall Projection Image of the Year <br />
and<br />
Monochrome Projection Image of the Year<br />
Nora's Rose<br />
Karen Regan

Overall Projection Image of the Year
Monochrome Projection Image of the Year
Nora's Rose
Karen Regan

NCC Competitions

Naples Camera Club (NCC) holds regular photography competitions for its members.  For each competition, there is one or more competition categories.

For each competition, NCC has a panel of judges.  Judges are typically three distinguished NCC members.  Judges vote to select First, Second and Third Place entries.  The judges may also select additional Honorable Mention winners.  The First, Second, and Third Place winning entries will be recognized on our website, which also contains prior NCC Competition winners.

Competitions are an excellent way to see what other members are doing and to obtain feedback from the judges as how you might improve your photography skills.

More information on the NCC competitions may be obtained on the following pages:

Other Competition Opportunities

In addition to the NCC competitions, there are two other opportunities to compete with other photographers.  NCC is an organizational member of two other photography organizations.  

The first is with the Florida Camera Club Council (FCCC, a.k.a. F3C).  NCC members can also join the FCCC for no charge.  FCCC will want to verify that you are a member of NCC.   Once you join the FCCC, you can enter into their competitions too.

Second, the Photographic Society of America (PSA) offers competitions too.  NCC is an organizational member of the PSA. PSA will accept entries from NCC members as long as the photographer gives thru Dotty Danforth. Dotty is NCC's representative to PSA.  Unlike FCCC, an individual can’t enter into PSA directly .

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