Submission Guidelines

The competition process will go more quickly and efficiently if everyone has prepared their submissions correctly and abides by a few simple rules of procedure.

Submitting Prints:

Prints must be mounted on foam core size 16 inches by 20 inches, with NO mats or frames. Prints (before mounting) must measure a minimum of 11 inches on the short side  by 14 inches on the long side, and a maximum of 16 inches on the short side, and 20 inches on the long side. Include your name, category and  title on the BACK of the print, in the lower left corner – not on the front. (Section III, Rule 3 of the Competition Rules and Regulations). No signature is to be visible on the front.

 Members should submit their entries to the competition chairperson and his/her helpers at least 30 minutes before the meeting begins.

Submitting Digital Images for projection:

All digital entries must follow the rules defined by the digital competition coordinator and as outlined in the Rules and Procedures.

Email images as an attachment to:

For horizontal images, resize the horizontal dimension to 1024 pixels. If that results in a vertical dimension of 768 pixels or less, the image is ready to submit. If the resulting vertical dimension is more than 768 pixels, resize the vertical dimension to 768 pixels (which will result in a horizontal dimension less than 1024 pixels), and the image is ready to submit. For vertical and square images, resize the vertical dimension to 768 pixels, and the image is ready to submit. Don't worry about the resolution.

Convert files to JPEG … and when you get the quality screen, choose “maximum.” If your file is over 2MB in size then it’s probably too big; if it is 200K or less then it is a bit small. You can change the file size by changing the number at the jpeg quality screen.

Color profile setting should be sRGB.

Please name your file properly. After you save the file, rename it to the following format:

Title the image: “Picture Title_ Category.jpeg”

Example:  Blue Bird_ NatureBirds.jpeg

The category words to use are:

Nature Birds






Images should be emailed no later than 6:00 pm the Saturday before the meeting to:  Photos sent after this time will not  be included in the competition.

If you have questions send an email to: Deborah Law

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