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There are 8 child pages linked via the menu to the NCC Homepage.  In the body of the homepage there are items which are exclusive to the Homepage.  These can be found in the Homepage Elements folder and are further documented below.  The documentation for the child pages may be found by clicking on the links above.  Those links will take you to documentation for that page, along with a detailed map for that particular page.

The NCC Homepage is made up of 7 Content Blocks:

        Menu - The navigation menu on top of the page

        Text - Title of "Naples Camera Club"

        Single Photo -  Prior year's Image of the Year

        Text - President's Welcome Message

        Multiple Photos - Block containing references to NCC's membership in PSA and FCCC

        Social Icons - Block containing link to the NCC Facebook Page

        Sldeshow - Prior Year's Annual NCC Competition Winners


The Menu was made originally by selecting the Custom Design option for the home page, scrolling down to the Add Content Block section, then selecting Navigation, then draging the Menu to location on the page where the menu was to be placed.

Since the menu is already there, you may mouse over the menu at which point it will be highlighted.  Select the wrench icon in the highlighted header.  This will bring up a pop-up box.  The box has 2 sections - Basic and Links.  The left justified items are the menu values and are displayed on the home page.  Indented items are drop down selection which will allow the user to navigate directly to that child page.  

For example: About Us is a menu selection that is really made up of two links.  One link to the Club Contacts and the other to the NCC MVP Awards.  Where as Membership has a real child page named Membership.  These are explained further on the applicable admin guide for the NCC site.


The Text is simply "Naples Camera Club"   This title can be altered.  Since the Text Box is already there, you may select the wrench icon in the highlighted header.  This will bring up a pop-up text box.  Simply change the text and then select done and publish now.

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