Member Galleries and Blogs

Welcome to the Member Galleries and Blogs section of the NCC Website.  This page contains galleries of beautiful photographs from our members.  The Member Blogs section is new to our website.  All NCC members are encouraged to showcase their talent and creativity.

Member Galleries

NCC Members may post a personal gallery on this page.  If you would like to take advantage of this member benefit, simply email your photographs (or send a link to somewhere the webmaster can download them from) to the NCC Webmaster - Wes Bloemker email address requesting the photographs to be placed into the NCC member galleries.  

If you have a title, location, and/or model's name that you would like to include with the photographs, please include those in your request to add yo these member galleries.

All photos and accompanying descriptions, title, etc. must be in good taste and represent NCC  in the best possible ways.  Any member of the board can choose not to post a particular photo or remove photos which are deemed inappropriate.

Once posted and you decide you want to add more photos or remove a photo or the entire gallery, contact the webmaster and he will be happy to honor your request.  Also a gallery will be removed if you are not current with your dues.

Member Blogs

This is a new section to our Member's Showcase.  These blogs are written by NCC members who wish to share ideas, techniques, and personal experiences with photography.  Check back often for ongoing updates.

To bring a blog to life, blogs should be accompanied by photographs from the author.  If you wish to participate in the Blog section, feel free to contact Wes Bloemker at

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