Q: What is a Member Gallery?

A: A Member Gallery is a space set aside on this web site for the storage and display of photos taken by a member of the Naples Camera Club.

Q: What's the purpose of the Member Galleries?

A: Many of our members do not have a place to display any of their photos on the internet. The Member Galleries provide our members with a modest internet presence.

Q: Can I enlarge the images I see in a Member Gallery?

A: Certainly! Just click on any of the small images (thumbnails) displayed in a Member Gallery to see a larger display of that image.

Q: Is it possible to learn what shutter speed was used for a specific image in a Member Gallery?

A: Yes. First, click on the thumbnail for that image, to display a larger copy of the image. Then, at the bottom of the page, click on "exit" to display information about that image. In most cases (though not all), the exit data will describe the camera brand and model, the shutter speed and aperture, the ISO and the focal length of the lens.

Q: May I have my own Member Gallery?

A: A Member Gallery is available to each member in good standing of the Naples Camera Club.

Q: How many photos may I store in my Member Gallery?

A: We currently limit each Member Gallery to a maximum of fifteen photos.

Q: What kind of photos may I store on my Member Gallery?

A: Any photos you want to share, as long as they are your original work, and are in good taste. You may want to post some of your best photos, as a portfolio of your work. Or, you may want to post photos from your latest vacation, for your friends and family to see. Or, you may want to post photos of your children or grandchildren. You decide what you want to post. Remember, however, that photos make the greatest impression the first time they are viewed. If you have a photo that you plan to enter into Naples Camera Club competition, you may want to wait about posting that image until after the competition!

Q: What format should I use for the photos I post to my Member Gallery?

A: All photos must be submitted in .jpg format.

Q: What size should I make the photos I submit?

A: Horizontal images should be between 800 and 1600 pixels in width. Vertical images should be between 600 and 1200 pixels in height. The image size we recommend for our projected image competitions is ideal--width of 1024 pixels or less, and height of 768 pixels or less.

Q: What file names should I assign to the image files I submit?

A: The file names you assign to your images will be used as the captions that appears with your images in your Member Gallery. If you want the caption on one of your displayed images to read "Everglades at Dawn", the file name on that image file should be Everglades at Dawn.

Q. Should I add a copyright to my photo?

A. We encourage you to add a copyright to each photo you submit for your Gallery.  Please see the "Education" tab for instructions on adding a copyright.

Q: How do I post my images to my Member Gallery?

A: Attach your images to an email, and send that email to deblaw@gmail.com, with a note indicating that you want the attached images to be posted to your Member Gallery.

Q: What is the procedure for removing an image, or images, from my Member Gallery?

A: Send an email to deblaw@gmail.com, with the file names of the images you want removed from your Member Gallery.

Q: How often can I add and/or delete images from my Member Gallery.

A: Eventually, we may establish a schedule for adding and/or deleting images. For the time being, there are no restrictions.

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